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Vintage Israeli Posters
Vintage Israeli poster celebrating the International Workers Day in May 1stLithographic Print by Otte Wallish

This is an original Israeli poster from May 1st 1945 published by the Histadrut HaOvdim. On the top is written "Workers of the world - Unite!"... read more

Lot 1010623957
Size 33 x 47 cm ~ 13 x 19 inches
Price $1,800
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#Israeli Political Posters
Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence, Heavy battle near Latrun, 1948Print on Paper by Maariv newspaper

Original newspaper that was published during Israel's war for Independence.

This issure deals with the battles that took place near Latrun... read more

Lot 1010524479
Size 29 x 44 cm ~ 11 x 17 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Jerusalem's old city view with the golden domeOil on Canvas by Irina Lipatnikova

Beautifull painting of Jerusalem's old city by Irina Lipatnikova.


V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute, Faculty of... read more

Lot 1102603853
Size 70 x 85 cm ~ 28 x 33 inches
Price $1,100
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Biblical map of the land of Israel decorated with illustrations of historical events in the Jewish history, 1970'sOffset Print by Spanish Artist

This is a map of the fascinating world of the Bible with illustration of the biblical stories.

The map is very rare and artistic. It... read more

Lot 1010324232
Size 52 x 72 cm ~ 20 x 28 inches
Price $750
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Israeli Generals having a brainstorm in Sinai during the Kippur war, Sinai 1973Photographic Print from the Original Negative by Uri Dan

This photo captured four Israeli generals during the Yom Kippur war planning together the army's next mission against the Egyptian military. Three... read more

Lot 1010524013
Size 40 x 35 cm ~ 16 x 14 inches
Price $1,300
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#Yom Kippur War photos
Metal Passover plate by Bezalel Academy of Art, Eretz Israel 1920'sMetal by Bezalel Academy of Art

This is a rare metal plate that was made by Bezalel Academy to be used during Passover night. Very artistic.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and... read more

Lot 1010923090
Size 33 x 33 cm ~ 13 x 13 inches
Price $1,800
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Professional collections
Dreyfus Affair Antisemitic illustrated publications by Psst Magazine, Paris 1899Print on Paper by Forain (Jean-Louis) and Caran Ache

This book is a complete run of 85 Antisemitic issues dealing mostly with the Dreyfus Affair. These newspapers were published in Paris between... read more

Lot 1010222136
Size 29 x 40 cm ~ 11 x 16 inches
Price $5,000
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Israel's Carmel Winery company advertisement decorated with an illustration of the Grapes of Canaan, 1950'sPrint on Tin by Carmel Winery

This is an original advertisement of Israel's Carmel Winery company, also known as Carmel Mizrahi. The company was founded in 1882 by Edmond James... read more

Lot 1010505531
Size 29 x 29 cm ~ 11 x 11 inches
Price $120
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#Israeliana Items
Rare Documents
Certificate of participation in Zeev Jabotinsky's funeral, Israel 1964Signed Letter by Israeli Artist

This is an pfficial certificate of participation in Zeev Jabotinsky's funeral in Israel during 1964. Each participant recieved a special document... read more

Lot 1010224162
Size 23 x 31 cm ~ 9 x 12 inches
Price $800
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#Known figures Documents
Come and See Eretz Israel, Tourism poster by Zeev Raban, 1929Print on Paper by Vintage Posters Reproductions

This is a high quality vintage reproduction poster that was professionally print produced. All our prints are ready for framing. Each print has a... read more

Lot 1010021671
Size 32 x 46 cm ~ 13 x 18 inches
Price $25
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Extremely rare military maps of Israel from 1948 by

These were printed and published during Israel's

War of Independence - all are original and very historical!

Lot 11
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Vintage Books and Catalogs
Rare exhibition catalog by Boris Schatz, The founder of the Bezalel School of art in Eretz- Israel, 1929Vintage Book Print by Bezalel Academy of Art

Original exhibition catalog from 1929 by Boris Schatz who was known as the father of Israeli art and the founder of the Bezalel School in... read more

Lot 1010601579
Size 17 x 20 cm ~ 7 x 8 inches
Price $1,200
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs