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Vintage Israeli Posters
Israel's Untied workers party commemorating the Soviet revolution, 1949Lino Print by Naftali Bezem

This is a rare vintage political poster from 1949 issued by the Israeli workers party. The poster praises the fellowship between Israel and the... read more

Lot 1010324169
Size 50 x 70 cm ~ 20 x 28 inches
Price $2,800
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#Israeli Political Posters
Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence. Hebrew army threatens Syria, 1948Print on Paper by HaBoker Newspaper

Original newspaper published during Israel's war of Independence in 1948. This issue deals with the Hebrew army that threatens Syria Lebanon. Very... read more

Lot 1010304554
Size 43 x 58 cm ~ 17 x 23 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Old Jaffa boats painted with a beautiful bluish color, 2015Oil on Canvas by Irina Lipatnikova

This is a beautiful painting of the port of Old Jaffa by the talented Russian artist Irina Lipatnikova.

Jaffa is an ancient port city... read more

Lot 1010303591
Size 40 x 30 cm ~ 16 x 12 inches
Price $1,000
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#Israeli Paintings
Vintage Israeli Maps
Biblical map of the land of Israel decorated with illustrations of historical events in the Jewish history, 1970'sOffset Print by Spanish Artist

This is a map of the fascinating world of the Bible with illustration of the biblical stories.

The map is very rare and artistic. It... read more

Lot 1010324232
Size 52 x 72 cm ~ 20 x 28 inches
Price $750
Free International Shipping#Vintage Israeli Maps
#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Signed photo by Teddy Kollek, former Mayor of Jerusalem, 1984Vintage Photograph Print by Isreali photographer

This is an original signed photo by Teddy Kollek who served as the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem from 1965 to 1993, and founder of the Jerusalem... read more

Lot 1010102507
Size 9 x 14 cm ~ 4 x 6 inches
Price $80
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#Israeli Figuers Photos
Silver Kiddush cup from IraqSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Beautiful Old Kiddush silver cup that was made in Iraq and was used by the local Jews. The Jewish commuinty in Iraq is one of the oldest one's... read more

Lot 1010803519
Size 10 x 14 cm ~ 4 x 6 inches
Price $1,000
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#Jewish Ritual items
Professional collections
Eretz Israel workers party wish to contribute their share to the effort to pave the roads of the country, 1940'sLithographic Print by Shamir Brothers

This is a very rare poster that was designed by the very known Shamir Brothers. It was Issued by the Eretz-Israel workers party and it says "We... read more

Lot 1012647922
Size 47 x 62 cm ~ 19 x 24 inches
Price $2,000
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Vintage Israeli childrens game, King Solomon's journies, 1950'sLithographic Print by Amerna

Vintage Israeli childrens game of King Solomon's journies, 1950's. Very rare and unique.

Lot 1012785258
Size 67 x 48 cm ~ 26 x 19 inches
Price $900
Free International Shipping#Israeliana Items
#Israeliana Items
Rare Documents
Certificate of participation in Zeev Jabotinsky's funeral, Israel 1964Signed Letter by Israeli Artist

This is an pfficial certificate of participation in Zeev Jabotinsky's funeral in Israel during 1964. Each participant recieved a special document... read more

Lot 1010224162
Size 23 x 31 cm ~ 9 x 12 inches
Price $800
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#Known figures Documents
Lot of four vintage Zionist and Israeli postersWatercolor on Paper by Vintage Posters Reproductions

These are four high quality vintage reproductions posters that were professionally produced. Each poster has a narrow white border around the... read more

Lot 1010976561
Size 32 x 46 cm ~ 13 x 18 inches
Price $79
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#Vintage Posters Reproductions
Oil Painting by Irina Lipatnikova of Israel's views - 2/12/16For sale - beautifull paintings of Israel landscape by
Irina Lipatnikova is a known Russian painter who chose to focus in the past year on Israeli landscape... read more

Lot 11
Price $
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Vintage Books and Catalogs
Vintage Photos book of Yom Kippur war battles in Sinai (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Uri Dan and Farkash Gallery

Vintage photos book of the Yom Kippur war war that took place in 1973, These were taken by Gen. Ariel Sharon's best friend Uri Dan. The book... read more

Lot 1101121575
Size 24 x 22 cm ~ 9 x 9 inches
Price $40
Free International Shipping#Vintage Books and Catalogs
#Vintage Books and Catalogs