Vintage Israeli Posters
See Israel, Vintage tourism poster designed in Black and WhiteOffset Print by Israeli Artist

See Israel, vintage poster designed in black and white, calling the puclif and tourists from around the world to come to and explore the... read more

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Size 55 x 83 cm ~ 22 x 32 inches
Price $400
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Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence, Back to Jerusalem!, 1948Print on Paper by Maariv newspaper

Rare issue of Ma'ariv published during the war for Israel's independence. This issue deals with the fighting that took place inside the old cit of... read more

Lot 1010523950
Size 29 x 44 cm ~ 11 x 17 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Colorful flowers painting by Bruno Huguet Perez 2007Acrilic On Canvas by PEREZ-HUGUET BRUNO

Very colorful and joyful work byPEREZ-HUGUET BRUNO

Bruno Perez-Huguet Atelier Papadiana 72200 Ierapetra Born on 25.11.1953 in... read more

Lot 1010022731
Size 50 x 130 cm ~ 20 x 51 inches
Price $3,500
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Poster Map "The Oil Prodaction Map in The Middle East" 1950sZincographic Print by Karta Jerusalem

Vintage Israeli Poster Map"The Oil Prodaction Map in The Middle East" Printed in Jerusalem by Karta 1950s

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Size 32 x 49 cm ~ 13 x 19 inches
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Israeli Prime minister Menachem Begin meeting with Egypt's president SaddatPhotograph by David Harris

This is a rare signed photo by the photographer David Harris of Israel's prime minister and Egypt's president Saddat during their meeting... read more

Lot 1011865818
Size 34 x 26 cm ~ 13 x 10 inches
Price $1,000
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German Silver Menorah Lamp decorated with lionsSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Extremely rare Menorah lamp from Germany. The item is decorated with small lions that are used to hold the light.

Lot 1010099503
Size 30 x 34 cm ~ 12 x 13 inches
Price $5,000
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Professional collections
Original poster sketch by Pesach Ir Shay of Tel Aviv shore, 1948Goash On Cardboard by Pesach Ir Shay

This is an orignal rare poster sketch by the known artist Pesach Ir Shay using Goash on cardboard. Tourism posters calling people to visit Tel... read more

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Size 45 x 60 cm ~ 18 x 24 inches
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Israeliana Items
Original Israeli Walnut Brendy named after Ben Gurion, Israel 1950's Wine Bottle by Eliaz Winecellars

Sealed bottle of original Walnut Brendy named after Ben Gurion from the 1950's, made from green nuts. Produced by Eliaz Benyamina Ltd.

Lot 1010322752
Size 5 x 22 cm ~ 2 x 9 inches
Price $280
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Rare Documents
A very rare Zionist letter signed by Arthur Balfour to Herbert Samuel 1929Autograph Type Latter by Arthur James Balfour

A rare autographed letter sent from Lord Balfour to the High Commissioner, Herbert Samuel in Palestine. The letter is typed and signed by hand in... read more

Lot 1104816361
Size 18 x 23 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
Price $5,500
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Illegal immigrants deported by the British to the island of Mauritius, 1945Photographic Print from the Original Negative by Kluger Zoltan

Illegal immigrants deported by the British to the island of Mauritius.Photographer: Kluger Zoltan

Lot 1011998117
Size 40 x 30 cm ~ 16 x 12 inches
Price $80
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Vintage Israeli Street Advertisements SignsUnique Street Signs by

The Farkash Gallery has collected old and unique street signs.

Some of them are almost 100 years old and nowhere to be found.

... read more

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Vintage Books and Catalogs
The road to Israel's Independence, collection of Israeli memorabilia items (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Haatzmaut Road

440 pages of vintage Israeli memorabilia items from 1948 up until today that are being described along with photos and unique historical... read more

Lot 1101450669
Size 24 x 29 cm ~ 9 x 11 inches
Price $80
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