News & Updatesאריאלה וורטהיימר – אירוע נעילת התערוכה והשקת היין החדש “חסידה שחורה” של יקב הבוטיק רד פואטרי
Vintage Israeli Posters
66h Israeli Independence Day poster 2014Offset Print by Ofir Meirav

66h Israeli Independence Day poster 2014. Each year since the state was establish, an official poster is published by the Israeli ministry of... read more

Lot 1010302521
Size 70 x 100 cm ~ 27 x 39 inches
Price $1,000
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#Independence Day Posters
Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence. Hebrew army threatens Syria, 1948Print on Paper by HaBoker Newspaper

Original newspaper published during Israel's war of Independence in 1948. This issue deals with the Hebrew army that threatens Syria Lebanon. Very... read more

Lot 1010304554
Size 43 x 58 cm ~ 17 x 23 inches
Price $800
Free International Shipping#Rare Newspapers
#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Painting of a lamb by Menashe Kadishman, the Israeli artist Oil on Canvas by Menashe KadishmanThis is a beautiful painting of a lamb by the known Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman (August 21, 1932 - May 8, 2015) using Oil on Canvas. Size... read more

Lot 1010921977
Size 70 x 84 cm ~ 28 x 33 inches
Price $3,500
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#Israeli Paintings
Vintage Israeli Maps
Israel's old Map, Published as part of children's game, 1950'sLithographic Print by Benjamin Bar-levi

This is a rare original map of Israel that was part of game for children and adults alike, created by Benjamin Bar-levi. By this unique game... read more

Lot 1010024444
Size 23 x 67 cm ~ 9 x 26 inches
Price $1,000
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
Signed photo by former General Yigal Allon, Israel 1977Vintage Photograph Print by Israeli photographer

This is a signed photo by former Israeli General Yigal Allon. He was an Israeli politician, a commander of the Palmach, and a general in the... read more

Lot 1010403598
Size 18 x 24 cm ~ 7 x 9 inches
Price $350
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#Israeli Figuers Photos
Russian Silver Menorah shaped as a Peacock Silver Cast by Jewish Artist

Veautiful russian Menorah that was used during the 8 days of Hanukka. This item is made of Silver and has artistic decorations of a Peacok and... read more

Lot 1010097577
Size 30 x 34 cm ~ 12 x 13 inches
Price $5,000
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#Jewish Ritual items
Professional collections
First ever Israeli ELAL Airlines commercial poster, 1948Lithographic Print by Franz Kraus

Extremely rare advertisement by the Israeli Airlines EL AL. This is the first ever made by the company and is nowhere to be found. Beautiful art... read more

Lot 1012756543
Size 26 x 40 cm ~ 10 x 16 inches
Price $
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Israel's Carmel Winery company advertisement decorated with an illustration of the Grapes of Canaan, 1950'sPrint on Tin by Carmel Winery

This is an original advertisement of Israel's Carmel Winery company, also known as Carmel Mizrahi. The company was founded in 1882 by Edmond James... read more

Lot 1010505531
Size 29 x 29 cm ~ 11 x 11 inches
Price $120
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#Israeliana Items
Rare Documents
Signed letter by Yitzhak Rabin former Prime Misnister of Israel, 1986Signed Letter by Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is an original signed letter by former Prime-Minister of Israel - Yitzhak Rabin. The letter was typed and signed in 1986 while he was serving... read more

Lot 1010624316
Size 15 x 21 cm ~ 6 x 8 inches
Price $850
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#Israeli Political Documents
Lot of 4 Beautiful Zionistic Magnets of IsraelPrint On Magnet by Vintage Magnets Reproductions

These are four high qualite vintage reproductions magnets that were professionally produced. Each magnet has a narrow white border around the... read more

Lot 1010721899
Size 6 x 9 cm ~ 2 x 4 inches
Price $25
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#Vintage Memorabilia Magnets
אריאלה וורטהיימר – אירוע נעילת התערוכה
והשקת היין החדש “חסידה שחורה” של יקב הבוטיק רד פואטרי

הנכם מוזמנים לנעילת התערוכה של האומנית אריאלה ורטהיימר "החופש להשתחרר" קופסאות אור 2106
ולהשקת היין החדש andnbsp;"חסידה שחורה" של יקב רד פואטרי
יום חמישי ה8 לדצמבר 2016 שעה 18:30 מזל דגים 5 יפו העתיקה
גלריה פרקש, מזל דגים 5 יפו העתיקה, טלפון לבירורים:... read more

Lot 11
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Vintage Books and Catalogs
The road to Israel's Independence, collection of Israeli memorabilia items (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Haatzmaut Road

440 pages of vintage Israeli memorabilia items from 1948 up until today that are being described along with photos and unique historical... read more

Lot 1101450669
Size 24 x 29 cm ~ 9 x 11 inches
Price $80
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs