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Vintage Israeli Posters
Volunteer for naval officers course in the Israeli Navy! 1970'sOffset Print by Israeli Military

The Israeli military published this beautiful poster during the 1970's inorder to call young men to join the Naval officers course.

It says... read more

Lot 1010624190
Size 55 x 82 cm ~ 21 x 32 inches
Price $750
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Rare Newspapers
Israel's War for independence, Amman is bombed by Israel, 1948Print on Paper by Maariv newspaper

Rare issue of Ma'ariv published during the war for Israel's independence.This one deals with the bombing of the Jordanian city Amman by the... read more

Lot 1010224458
Size 29 x 44 cm ~ 11 x 17 inches
Price $800
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#Rare Newspapers
Fine Art
Original signed lithograph by Salvador Dali Fantaisie des SaisonsLithographic Print by Salvador Dali

Signed lithograph by Salvador Dali - Fantaisie des saisons

Dali was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in... read more

Lot 1011478343
Size 76 x 56 cm ~ 30 x 22 inches
Price $1,700
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Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Poster Map "The Israeli economy during the First Temple" Biblical1950sZincographic Print by Karta Jerusalem

Vintage Israeli Poster Map "The Israeli economy during the First Temple" Biblical Printed in Jerusalem by Karta 1950s

Lot 1107118501
Size 62 x 49 cm ~ 24 x 19 inches
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#Vintage Israeli Maps
Vintage Israeli Photographs
General Ariel Sharon reviews the battle plans during Yom Kippur War, Sinai 1973Photographic Print from the Original Negative by Uri Dan

Beautiful Old Kiddush silver cup that was made in Iraq and was used by the local Jews. The Jewish commuinty in Iraq is one of the oldest one's... read more

Lot 1010100581
Size 40 x 35 cm ~ 16 x 14 inches
Price $1,300
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#Yom Kippur War photos
Two Russian Silver CandlesticksSilver Cast by Jewish Artist

Rare Russian silver candlesticks with beautiful vine leaves in the middle.Lot 1010501572
Size 8 x 38 cm ~ 3 x 15 inches
Price $2,000
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#Jewish Ritual items

Professional collections
The day of the State, Decleration of Israel's Independence official newspaper, 1948Print on Paper by Yom-HaMedina

Extremely rare newspaper that was published on behalf of Ben-Gurion order after Israel's deceleration of Independence in 1948.

Ben-Gurion... read more

Lot 1012400734
Size 45 x 60 cm ~ 18 x 24 inches
Price $9,500
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#Professional collections
Israeliana Items
Original Israeli Walnut Brendy named after Ben Gurion, Israel 1950's Wine Bottle by Eliaz Winecellars

Sealed bottle of original Walnut Brendy named after Ben Gurion from the 1950's, made from green nuts. Produced by Eliaz Benyamina Ltd.

Lot 1010322752
Size 5 x 22 cm ~ 2 x 9 inches
Price $280
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#Israeli Wine
Rare Documents
Signed letter by Yitzhak Rabin former Prime Misnister of Israel, 1986Signed Letter by Israel's Ministry of Defense

This is an original signed letter by former Prime-Minister of Israel - Yitzhak Rabin. The letter was typed and signed in 1986 while he was serving... read more

Lot 1010624316
Size 15 x 21 cm ~ 6 x 8 inches
Price $850
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The brave one's to the Israeli Paratroopers, Israel 1960'sPrint on Paper by Vintage Posters Reproductions

This is a high quality vintage reproduction poster that was professionally print produced. All our prints are ready for framing. Each print has a... read more

Lot 1010576533
Size 32 x 46 cm ~ 13 x 18 inches
Price $25
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Newly Arrived ItemsApril 2016 by

The Farkash Gallery is offering extremely rare Zionist documents of many famous Jewish men such as Jabotinsky, Herzl, Bialik and Ben... read more

Lot 11
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Vintage Books and Catalogs
The road to Israel's Independence, collection of Israeli memorabilia items (Hebrew)Print on Paper by Haatzmaut Road

440 pages of vintage Israeli memorabilia items from 1948 up until today that are being described along with photos and unique historical... read more

Lot 1101450669
Size 24 x 29 cm ~ 9 x 11 inches
Price $80
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#Vintage Books and Catalogs